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Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks

Diversified Inspections/ITL has provided Aerial Lift and Digger Derrick equipment inspections for over 40 years. We have a network of certified technicians strategically located throughout the United States. Our inspection services are performed in accordance with applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, as well as any additional standards required by the owner.

Safety is the primary consideration and no single method of testing is comprehensive enough to facilitate a decision about the overall structural integrity of the equipment. Therefore, Diversified Inspections/ITL utilizes various complimentary methods of nondestructive testing, including acoustic emission, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, visual and operational inspections. Upon completion of testing, a report will be generated and explained to the personnel in charge. A quantitative summary can be made available for fleet analysis to provide inventory and statistical information.

Diversified Inspections/ITL follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines adopted in 1969. These standards, A92.2 and A10.31 set forth the MINIMUM test requirements that must be considered and built into quality assurance programs for vehicle-mounted aerial devices to provide safe and proper operations. The standard includes user responsibilities for periodic inspection; and at a minimum, the owner/user is to provide the following: loading, stability, visual inspections and dielectric testing of insulated units.

Our services can include:

  • Visual/operational inspection
  • Dielectric testing (AC or DC) of fiberglass booms, basket liners, hydraulic oil, insulated upper controls.
  • Acoustic emission
  • Magnetic particle and/or dye penetrant test of critical welds and castings
  • Ultrasonic testing of solid, critical pins
  • Stability load testing