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Fire Department Testing and Evaluations

Services: Aerial ladders, platforms, water towers and ground ladders.

As an ISO/IEC 17020 Accredited Corporation Diversified Inspections / ITL offers a complete inspection and non-destructive testing program to meet the current NFPA 1911 guidelines for testing aerial ladders, elevating platforms, and water towers.

The inspections include a complete visual and operational test of the vehicle, aerial device and associated equipment. Additionally, various non-destructive test methods are used to locate defects.

A computer generated report is issued following these inspections; and if no abnormalities exist, a certificate of compliance is issued in accordance with NFPA 1911 guidelines. The certificate is withheld if repair is necessary until such time as the needed repairs are complete.

We offer a thorough test and inspection of ground ladders in accordance with the current NFPA 1932 guidelines. The testing of ground ladders can minimize ladder failures due to abuse, overloading, normal wear or heat.

Our inspections and testing can include:

  • Visual/operational inspections
  • Load test
  • Timing and functional tests
  • Hardness test of non-ferrous metal components
  • Magnetic particle and/or dye penetrant test of critical welds and casting
  • Hydraulic oil analysis
  • Ultrasonic inspection of accessible pins
  • Turntable bolt torque check
  • Drift test
  • Waterway systems check
  • Horizontal bend test of ground ladders
  • Ground ladder hardware and hook tests
  • Heat sensors are available